An 'infinite gradation of Green and Blue. Here is the Tigullio!

And 'This is the land (and sea) which seduces the Hollywood stars, the stars of the international jet set, the legendary playboys of the fabulous happy years of pleasure. Great stories, great characters, great emotions in a small, refined and exclusive paradise.

In a short stretch of the Ligurian coast favored by nature, nine sites are proposed to your choice. They all share something special: they belong to the world, to culture, to 'Ligure environment. Each one, however, has the "Staff" character that makes him, in its own way, unique.

it is the wealth of this land, a small space, which is home to amazing worlds, a little 'hidden and always full of surprises.

Around Moneglia...
A quiet beauty. This is the first impression of Moneglia from who comes for the first time. An 'impression destined to grow stronger as you live its the climate and the atmosphere. A certain feeling of calm, but not dull. Already at the first sight you can understand that the Village has not nothing obvious it is nestled among high and verdant hills, and the ancient village of Moneglia is located directly on the blue mirror of the sea : between the two promontories of Punta Moneglia and Punta Toad.

At the sides as two sentinels the two Villafranca castles and Monleone, highly suggestive points.

At least according to some, the name comes from the Latin moneglia MONILIA jewel; that is, something rare and precious, an ornament of nature


1h 20 minutes by car from Smeraldo Camping Village you can easily reach the Tuscan city known for its famous leaning tower by motorway (120Km distance).
The tower is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and is the symbol of the city and among the most iconic symbols of Italy.
In Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa you will find the Cathedral, the Tower, the Baptistery, the Holy Field, the Sinope Museum and the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo.
Tickets can also be purchased online at:

Acquario di Genova

The largest aquarium in Italy and ninth in the world is about 40 minutes drive from Smeraldo camping village (60 km away) precisely it is located in Ponte Spinola, in the sixteenth century ancient port of Genoa.
The path inside the aquarium is about 2 hours and 30 minutes and includes 39 tanks in addition to the 4 open ones.
You can also buy tickets online at

di Meloni Marco e C. Snc

Località Preata - 16030 Moneglia (GE)
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